Additional Sermons

28th May 2017 Ruth Rice: You prepare a table before me play

21st May 2017 David Auger: God has placed you where you are play

7th May 2017 David Auger: Worship play

30th April 2017 Graham Simpson: Sin is sin play

23rd April 2017 Bruce Dyer: Promised land inheritor or wilderness wanderer play

9th April 2017 David Miller: Contentment in God play

2nd April 2017 David Auger: Jonah Part 2 play

26th March 2017 David Auger: Jonah Part 1 play

19th March 2017 David Auger: The Christian household play

2th March 2017 John Daniels: I Am play

26th February 2017 Tim Wilson: Joy play

19th February 2017 Dave Miller: Faith in future grace play

12th February 2017 Dave Miller: Right living play

5th February 2017 David Auger: Contending the faith play

29th January 2017 David Auger: The person of Christ and His perfect work in us play

22nd January 2017 David Auger: The power of the Gospel play

15th January 2017 Bruce Dyer: Grace (the only way) play

8th January 2017 John Boyers: Follow Me! play

1st January 2017 John Daniels: Choose to go forward play

25th December 2016 David Auger: Christmas play

18th December 2016 Tim Wilson: Journey with Jesus this Christmas play

11th December 2016 Dave Miller: How good is the Good News? play

4th December 2016 David Auger: Integrity play

20th November 2016 David Auger: Faithful Stewardship play

13th November 2016 Janet and Peter Dallman: The four truths about God and His people play

30th October 2016 David Auger: Family Priority play

23rd October 2016 Tim Wilson: Multiplying Disciples play

16th October 2016 David Auger: Overcoming obstaces play

9th October 2016 Dave Miller: A visionary life play

2nd October 2016 David Auger: Passion for the harvest play

25th September 2016 John Daniels: Intimacy with God play

17th July 2016 Bruce Dyer: You are Special play

10th July 2016 David Auger: Your Kingdom Come play

3rd July 2016 Graham Simpson: Get ready to possess the land play

26th June 2016 David Auger: In the World but not of the World play

19th June 2016 David Miller: Baptism play

12th June 2016 David Auger: Go and sin no more play

5th June 2016 Tim Wilson: Behold I am doing a new thing play

22nd May 2016 Graham Simpson: Ready to share play

15th May 2016 David Auger: Be passionate for Christ play

8th May 2016 David Miller: Being a Super-natural people play

1st May 2016 Bruce Dyer: A day of deliverance play

17th April 2016 Graham Ensor: What matters? play

10th April 2016 Graham Simpson: True Worship play

3rd April 2016 David Miller: Be led by the Spirit and not the mind play

27th March 2016 David Auger: Their eyes were opened play

25th March 2016 Good Friday Service play

20th March 2016 Graham Simpson: Be a donkey! play

6th March 2016 Tim Wilson: Look to Jesus play

21st February 2016 David Auger: Be thirsty for God play

14th February 2016 David Auger: God says "I have provided a sacrifice" play

7th February 2016 Dave Miller: The importance of sharing Jesus play

31st January 2016 David Auger: You are a temple of the living God play

24th January 2016 Bruce Dyer: Praying - The Lord's Prayer play

17th January 2016 David Auger: The foolish message of the cross play

10th January 2016 Testimony from Free2Be followed by: Graham Simpson: Do not worry play

3rd January 2016 David Auger: I have placed before you an open door play

20th December 2015 Carol Service play

20th December 2015 - David Auger: Only one name matters play

13th December 2015 - Graham Simpson: Going out with God's favour play

29th November 2015 - David Auger: Growing in adversity play

22nd November 2015 - David Auger: Know how God sees you play

15th November 2015 - David Auger: Treasure hunt play

8th November 2015 - Tim Wilson: Evangelism - God's plan A play

1st November 2015 - Bruce Dyer: Love - the key to evangelism play

25th October 2015 - David Auger: God has prepared for us a feast play

18th October 2015 - Diane's testimony and David Auger: What do we bring to the house of God? play

11th October 2015 - Graham Simpson: See, I have set before you an open door play

27th September 2015 - Jean Amos: Up! play

6th September 2015 - David Auger: Body, Soul and Spirit play

30th August 2015 - Tim Wilson: What do you treasure most play

16th August 2015 - Graham Simpson: Use God's given authority play

2nd August 2015 - David Auger: Grace and Forgiveness play

12th July 2015 - David Auger: Continuing with unity play

5th July 2015 - Bruce Dyer: The importance of unity play

28th June 2015 - David Auger: Gideon - warrior or worm? play

21st June 2015 - John Sutcliffe: follow the "yellow brick road" play

14th June 2015 - David Auger: God's goal for our lives play

7th June 2015 - Jenny Martin: Are you sitting comfortably? play

31st May 2015 - David Auger: Pressing in play

24th May 2015 - Graham Simpson: God delights himself in you play

17th May 2015 - David Auger: You are God's Masterpiece play Additional presentation

10th May 2015 - David Miller: You are God's plan A play

3rd May 2015 - David Auger: Building for growth play

26th April 2015 - John Sutcliffe: Search for hidden treasure   play

19th April 2015 - Graham Simpson: From hoplessness to hopefulness   play

12th April 2015 - David Auger: What next? - follow me nbsp play

5th April 2015 - David Auger: Empty can be a good thing! nbsp play

29th March 2015 - David Auger: The wedding at Cana   play

22nd March 2015 - Adrian Anderson: Called to be people of Vision, Integrity, and Presence (VIP)   play

15th March 2015 - David Auger: Family and parenting   play

22nd February 2015 - Jenny Martin: Who will you vote for?   play

15th February 2015 - David Auger: Mission and character   play

8th February 2015 - John Sutcliffe: The building and the keys   play

1st February 2015 - David Auger: Family and marriage   play

25th Jan 2015 - Graham Simpson: What's your priority?  play

18th Jan 2015 - David Auger: Stories from a "thin place"   play

7th Dec 2014 - Dave Miller: Stepping into and staying in the promised land   play

23rd Nov 2014 - John Sutcliffe: Go in peace (Encounter feedback)   play

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