We take seriously Jesus command to 'Go and make disciples.

One component part of this is our Training Programme, others are Sunday gatherings, life groups, weekends away and more intentional discipling with the leaders of the life groups.

Leadership Development Group

Subjects to be covered

1. Personal Spiritual Life

(a) Creating healthy habits of reading, studying, memorising, meditating and applying the truths of the Bible to our life. This means expecting the Word of God to change us and to become a vital part of our relationship with God.
(b) Creating a healthy Prayer Life that truly leads us into encountering God. How to spend time in silence listening to God. Having a balance of worship, repentance, making requests of God.

2. Growing in Faith and developing the kind of Faith that not only believes God can do anything, but expects Him to do anything. Not being limited by our human experiences, but truly believing the promises of God.

3. Being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This power is going to be experienced and not just taught and discussed.

4. Practically sharing our faith and seeing people come to Faith through our witness.

5. Mentoring new Christians and seeing them develop in their faith.

6. The Character of a Christian leader and recognising what gifting you have.

7. Specific training according to your gifting.

8. Whatever else God chooses to highlight!

For more information speak with Dave Miller

Information on other training programmes coming soon!

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